Repair Crème
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This vegan formula is made with 100% certified organic GMO free plant stem cells to help repair scalp cell damage due to chemicals 

*Visibly strengthens and repairs both the cuticle and the scalp 

*Helps reverse damage from all the chemical treatments

*Strengthens  hair and extends colour life.

*Low pH ( 4.5-5.5) with keratin amino acids and cystine repair hair damage from the cortex out

*Infuse hair with natural oils and fatty acids to strengthen and repair while adding superior shine.


Lilac-Syringa Vulgaris- Stem cell extract

  • Helps balance seborrhea

  • Reduces skin blemishes and redness

  • Helps reduce inflammation


Gardina-gardenia Jasminoides- Stem cells

  • Multi-level protection of collagen system

  • Restores the balance collagen turnover

  • Deep replenishing and restructuring treatment

  • Item #: #002

Repair Crème

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