Deep Leave in Treatment
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Formulated with keratin amino acids and cystine to repair damaged hair to its natural state. Low pH ( 4.5-5.5) and plant phtosterols prevent environmental damage to both scalp and cuticle.

*Apply after cleansing and conditioning for continual repair and prevention of split ends 

*Use with flat iron to soften and temporarily straighten hair 

*Apply to curly hair to refresh curls and smooth down frizzy ends  

*Works as a great detangler and helps alleviate frizz. 

*Helps prevent and repair split ends 

*Thermal protection to prevent damage from hot tools including blow dryers, curling and straightening irons 


Horehound-Marrubium Vulgare- Stem cells

  • Protects skin from environmental factors
  • Detoxifier
  • Free radical scavenging protection 


Heart-leaved Globe Daisy-Globularia- Stem Cells

  • Improves cell lifespan extension
  • Toxin eliminator 
  • Boast skin self defensive system

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Deep Leave in Treatment

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