Cleansing Crème
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Use following any chemical treatment to gently and naturally cleanse the hair cuticle and scalp    

 * Use on hair with fresh colour to lock in and extend colour life   

* Use after keratin straightening services to extend the life of the treatment  

 * Low lather vegan formula closes the cuticle and gently removes impurities from the hair and scalp

 * Free of sulfates/sulphates and harsh cleansing ingredients  

 * Low pH (4.5-5.5) ensures the cuticle is closed and no further damage will occur at the scalp through the tips of the hair.


Lilac-Syringa Vulgaris- Stem Cells

  • Helps balance seborrhea
  • Reduces skin blemishes and redness
  • Helps reduce inflammation


Gardina-gardenia Jasminoides-Stem cells

  • Multi -level protection of collagen system

  • Restores the balance collagen turnover

  • Deep replenishing and restructuring treatment

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Cleansing Crème

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